Bodhi Cares

At Bodhi Hostels we dream of a better world for the future generations, that is why we care. Part of our profits are used towards tackling the following issues: climate change, plastic pollution and animal rights. Since Bodhi opened in december 2014 we have successfully being part of a couple of projects in order to make a change in our world. Because we know climate change is one if the biggest issue Panama will suffer in the following years, we created our main project called: Burwigan. In guna language, an indigenous language from Panamá, Burwigan means kids. Our project uses the creative power of arts to engange, communicate and inspire action on climate change, specially with the kids of Guna Yala. The guna people are the first documented case of an indigenous group in America forced to leave their homes because of climate change. To learn more about Burwigan and how you can become a climate change warrior click here!

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