Getting to Bodhi Kalu Yala


MetroBus from Panama City to 24 de Diciembre:

From Albrook5 de Mayo or Avenida Balboa, take a bus to either La DoñaFelipilloPacora or Chepo. Ask the driver to let you know when you get to 24 de Diciembre/La Doña. In La Doña stop (you will see the McDonald’s and KFC on the left hand side of the street). Cross over the blue bridge to get to the shopping plaza: Centro Comercial de la Doña. Cost 1st bus: $0.75/$1.00

From 24 de Diciembre to San Miguel (Kalu Yala Basecamp):

Walk to the back of the shopping plaza to the bus terminal and ask for the bus to "San Miguel". The bus will say “San Miguel” or “La Mesa” on the front window and is leaving from the second line. Ask the driver to drop you off at La Piedra de San Miguel, where you should arrive after 1 hour (if there is no traffic). Once you arrive to the stone with ‘Bienvenidos a San Miguel’ take a right to the gravel path. Kalu Yala Basecamp is the 3rd house to the left. If you can’t find it, ask anybody in town for the yellow house. Cost 2nd bus: $1.25

Uber from Panama City to San Miguel (Kalu Yala Basecamp):

On Uber app, enter the following as the destination:  Kalu Yala Basecamp. At the town center of San Miguel you will see a large painted rock that says, “Bienvenidos a San Miguel”, take the gravel road that spurs off to the right along the river, three houses down on the left there is a bright yellow house with a tall gate.  Costs Uber: $30-65.  
From Kalu Yala Basecamp to the valley of Kalu Yala

From Kalu Yala Basecamp we have a 4x4 truck bringing you into the valley of Kalu Yala. This rides normally leaves twice a day and costs $10 per person, per ride. Please contact us for the timing of the truck and arrange it minimum 24 hours before to reserve your spot (WhatsApp: +507 6206-9075). 

You can also hike in, open Google Maps and put the route from Kalu Yala Basecamp to Kalu Yala. There is no cellphone connection in Kalu Yala Basecamp or in Kalu Yala, so make sure to open the route in Google Maps before arriving to Kalu Yala Basecamp (we do have wifi). Costs 4x4 truck, per person, per way: $10


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Please feel free to contact us if you are confused with the directions. The staff here at Bodhi Hostel are eager to help you with your journey. Our Whatsapp number is +507 6206-9075.

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